Ostrich to Let Designers and Developers Capture Webcam Motion in Flash Launching in August!

Ostrich, the seventh in a series of advanced interface open source solutions will launch in August after Inventor Dan Zen goes to Hawaii 😉 to recover from the launching of six previous sites available at Flash Feathers – http://flashfeathers.wordpress.com and also linked to at right.

So have a look around – we look forward to bringing you Ostrich soon!

Fairy follows the fingers of Dan Zen

Fairy follows the fingers of Dan Zen - do you see the Ostrich?


  • ROBIN – multiuser chat and realtime game classes with Flash and PHP
  • FALCON – easy data transfer between Flash and server scripts
  • HUMMINGBIRD – parallax effect with mouse movement for 3D menus
  • GOOSE – multitouch emulator and processor with just Flash and Browsers
  • PENGUIN – tilt emulator and processor for tilt and translation apps
  • WOODPECKER – sound frequency and wave animation for MP3 and FLV
  • GOOSE – motion capture so a cursor follows your Web cam motion
  • DODO – blob detection to provide blobs anywhere there is Web cam motion

Each Flash Feather has its own Blog with the name of the bird followed by flash then .wordpress.com.  The exception is Penguin which is plural – penguinsflash.wordpress.com.

http:// BIRDNAME flash.wordpress.com

Each site has:

  • an ABOUT page, a CODE example page and a VIDEO tutorial page at the top
  • an introduction in the top left column
  • a Download section at left with a link to the zip file(s)
  • a Donate area (Karmatja) which links through to paypal
  • a Friends section at the left to add your site if you use the Flash Feather
  • news about the specific Flash Feather in the blog area
  • links to all the Flash Feathers at the right
  • an aggregate news feed of all Flash Feathers at bottom right

The zip files come with:

  • readme.txt file with information about installing classes
  • a samples folder with example FLA and AS files
  • an icons Flash file with neat little icon components
  • a com/ folder that holds the packages and classes needed

Please let us know if you use any of the Flash Feathers and we will add you to the Friends area at left.  If you use the Flash Feathers for a commercial venture or would care to donate that would be super!


All the best and we hope you build exciting things!


Dan Zen


3 Responses

  1. Ostrich has such potential with our ever growing next gen entertainment systems. I was inspired to create an application similar to “Nintendogs”. With Ostrich, I have the flexibility to use the app on larger mediums rather than the tiny DS, and makes it hands free without the stylus. With further animation and IK Bones, I probably could get more out of the application down the road. Great job!

  2. What I like most about the Ostrich web site is the juxtaposition of the modern and old fashioned looking elements and the innovative technology the site represents. Not to forget that it puts really new technology at the touch of our fingers, so to speak, in a very accessible way.

    As for the visual combination of old and new, with really nice clean icons and hand drawn clouds and the fairy:

    well I would call that Monty-esque in the best tradition of what the Quirky Trinity of Spike Milligan, Peter Sellers and (ir)Reverend J.C. gave us.

    A site to watch for changes and I will enjoy revisiting.



    Also worth a look:

    the site of the delightful Abstract Art Collection (Fundacion Juan March) at http://www.march.es/arte/ingles/cuenca/index.asp from Cuenca (Spain)

    the site veerle’s blog at http://veerle.duoh.com/ with a lot of useful content for the web design crowd

  3. Ostirch made it so easy to be interactive with flash. I come from no coding background but with the insturctions given and the actionscript source made it so fun to be creative with my webcam. hopefully in the near future I’d get to learn the more advanced coding that I can add more details and interactions to my Ostrich. So far I’m loving the fact that i was able to create an interactive motion project 🙂

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