Ostrich Flash Web Cam Motion Capture Samples and Example Code

OSTRICH – Flash Webcam Gesture Capture

“Cursors to follow your movement in a few lines of code!”

Capturing the difference between successive video frames allows us to locate motion. Ostrich is set up to provide any number of cursors in various regions for excellent experimental usage. This magical interface is second perhaps only to brainwaves in the minds of many futurists. Work was done to capture the left side of motion on the left, the right side on the right and proportionally across the middle giving Ostrich improved expectation performance.

Click to Download the code for the examples

Simple Cursor
Two Cursors
Gesture Button
Motion Blobs
Fairy Follows Fingers


6 Responses

  1. Samples have been updated to include camera quality support – image looks better…

  2. Hi Dan ,
    first of all by heart thanks to you for giving such brilliant frame work for studying gestures.

    I am using your Samples to learn more about gesture,
    first of all this frame work is based on 2D Cameras correct me if i am wrong, now come to the point what if i want to used it for 3D images, second thing when i try used to used your action script called
    OstrichCursor.as i found two packages i.e

    import fl.transitions.Tween;
    import fl.transitions.easing.None;

    are unknown packages to me, please suggest me the purpose of this packages
    when i try to run my code i got error for this import.

    • Thanks for the kind words. Ostrich is set up to do 2D cameras. For 3D you will have to look elsewhere – perhaps hack the Kinect or look for frameworks similar to Ostrich but built for the kinect. I might get into that one day.

      The fl package is for flash components in general but Tween is put in there as well – not sure why. So that ships with the Flash authoring environment.

      If it is a problem for you for some reason, you could remove those tweens and just do this:

      motionCursor.x = mX;
      motionCursor.y = mT + fromTop;

      All the best,


      • thanks for replay.!!

        its working for me now..

        one more question regarding your frame work..
        like it supports sprite button on screen[after creating graphic object of rectangle]
        what if i want to used button component as a UIComponent insistent of sprite graphics object..
        like clicking button as you did it on gesture Button..!!

        its pretty interesting framework , i have created two three sample apps
        using this framework, during that i found problem whiling adding button as component for gesture button..
        Could you please help me..!!

  3. Well… you could try passing the component button to OstrichButton but if it does not work you will have to make an alpha 0 MovieClip on the component button and pass it that. Then in your OstrichButton events you will activate the various states of the component button using properties or methods of the component button assuming they have properties or methods to activate the rollover state with code, etc. If not, just make your own buttons that can be told to gotoAndStop on rollover frames etc. Best of luck. That sort of code is kind of out of my hands and into yours!

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