Some Preening to OstrichFlash!

Thank you to Stuart who pointed out that Ostrich was not quite right when you moved the OstrichCamera in the x position.  Indeed we had accounted for the region of the camera being changed but the automatic cursor centering did not take into account the placement of the camera as a whole.

Please download from the download link to get a new zip with the corrected OstrichCursor class.


3 Responses

  1. Oopsy – it also affected OstrichBlobs – which has now been corrected in the zip. Thanks again, Stuart 😉

  2. The Ostrich blob detection is a nice piece of code. I m using it for my academic project. However, I m encountered by a problem. When the code runs for few minutes, it starts eating up my CPU ( goes upto 70% ) [ AMD Athlon X2-64, 4 GB RAM]

    Would like to hear comments on this issue.

    • Sorry I missed your comment until now Supreet.

      Hmmm… I have not looked at the OstrichBlob class in detail for a few years… I do remember it being intensive when run. You could try reducing the grid size from the 12×12 default. Or perhaps at times where there are no blobs or on a minute Timer or something, perhaps you could dispose() and recreate the OstrichBlob object. Have a peek in the class and see if there are any optimizations you see possible.

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