Ostrich – Flash Web Cam Motion Capture for Flipped-out Folk!

Thanks Maven for requesting that we have the option to not flip the camera.  Most people will want the camera flipped – it is a pet peeve of mine when I am forced to use a camera that does not mirror motion.  It is very hard to adjust.  So I had set Ostrich to  automatically flip and it is fairly tricky to do.  But there might be some cases when you do not want your camera flipped so now you can pass a Boolean false to the last parameter of the OstrichCamera class after the camera dimensions.  This defaults to true.

So something like:

var myCam:OstrichCamera = new OstrichCamera(0,0,640,480,false);

Download the new zip file at left if you need this feature.

Please let us know if you use any of the Flash Feathers and we will add you to the Friends area at left.  If you use the Flash Feathers for a commercial venture or would care to donate that would be super!


All the best and we hope you build exciting things!


Dan Zen


4 Responses

  1. Hi Dan,
    Thanks for you help, really appreciate that :). I’ll try that and let you know the result :).

  2. Dan, how can I reduce the sensitivity of the cursor movement, because I created a game to select objects can not master the course to select a particular object.
    I’m moving the hand for example, and going on because my eye blinked.

    Thank you.

    • Hi Catia,

      It will depend on your game – but what you could try is put a motion cursor on each object and only track MotionStart and MotionStop on those cursors. Then it would not matter if your eye blinked. You could also try playing with less Mascara… (okay, joking).

      You can also change the sensitivity parameter when you make your cursor – you then have to pass in camera, then the dimensions of your cursor and then the next parameter is response. 1 is jumpy and 10 is really slow so it might ignore an eye blink. But the cursor lags behind the motion. The default is 4.

      Hope this helps.

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